So, who or what are Positron? It’s quite difficult to describe a band like Positron, not only because it has its own unique blend of mainstream pop, electronic flavours and even a dash of independent spices thrown into the mix. But also due to the fact that the two characters that ‘are’
Positron couldn’t be more different. Actually you would probably say, they’re ‘chalk ‘n’ cheese!’ Putting aside their gender and age, which are obviously different, these two artists had two very different perspectives on how they explored their love for music. On one hand, there is Fritzi, who began with a very classical and conservative musical education, including violin and piano lessons. After some time she started experimenting with jazz which helped her realise her real passion in simple pop as well as dance music. Then, on the other hand, is Dennis, who is more or less a self made musician, it all started with the early techno culture during the 90’s. After that he worked as a songwriter for an array of bands and as well as composing music for numerous films.

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positron – a wide range of musical styles

So how and where could these two individuals, from two diverse worlds, come together to begin their collaboration? Fate played its hand for these two when Fritzi was reading a paper, in the conservatory for musical education in Leipzig, in which Dennis had placed an advert looking for a singer to match his music. After their first face-to-face encounter they both instantaneously knew it was meant to be! He was bemused by her charismatic, exceptional voice and her appearance too. Fritzi found him to be her perfect match, musically, because he was not afraid to combine independent sounds with “cheesy” pop, a combination that once heard, is never forgotten.

Next was the birth of the name, a fairly quick process. From ‘positive electronic sounds’ it was only a few tiny steps to arrive at the band name, ‘POSITRON’. Four years on, positron has been recording a vast amount of songs to discover and develop their distinctive style which has progressed with each and every song. Though the songs are quite positive there is also a certain amount of melancholy in them.

The lyrics stay simple and right to the point, but not without meaning, inspired by love, life and friendship. It’s a split between the different styles of music. Some call it “pop”, some “electro” and others “down tempo”, and us, well… put it in simple terms, it’s Positron! Now you can experience energy loaded dance titles such as ‘Freak inside’ and ‘Burning hearts’, or more chilled out tunes like ‘Down here’ and ‘No more’ plus many, many more.

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