This EP does not claim to be a musically perfect work of art. It’s much more about a technical demonstration and a journey back in time to the 70s and the method of recording and producing music that existed back then. A year ago, when buying an old tape recorder, there was a Vermona Mixer 1222 from the GDR in a collection of old hi-fi devices. It was then included with the tape recorder for little money. That gave an impulse to deal more with the topic of Vermona, analogue and vintage. Over time, more Vermona devices were added. Then there came a point where you searched specifically. It was actually already clear where you wanted to go. An all Vermona (vintage) production in 2022. We are currently experiencing a delusion towards digitization. This is also the case in audio production. Of course, this has advantages in many places, but it is becoming more and more technically complex and musically comparable. Just as processor performance can no longer be increased in computer technology, more cores are used. In commercial music there is only a mush, but the albums are converted into 3D, binaural and 12/9/48 with 36 loudspeakers in the room. What’s the point?

positron and the vintage gear

MS Office used to fit on 5 floppy disks. Today it takes a DVD or a GB download. Some sample packs are 20 GB in size. It takes two weeks to listen to it. Just easy. The idea was born to start and finish a complete production with the inventory of Vermona devices. This means that all sounds and effects up to the finished mix are implemented exclusively with Vermona technology from the GDR. The musical goal was a concept that corresponds to the electronic music of the 70s. There’s no denying that either. It was exactly intended to show that electronic music could also be made with the technology of the GDR at the time. An old Tower PC with Cubase SX was used as the necessary tool. But this only served as a “tape machine”. No editing was done in the sequencer itself. In addition, the sequencer served as a drum machine. This was necessary because the Vermona ER9 rhythm machine cannot be set to a desired fixed tempo. For this purpose, the ER9 was sampled in advance and then loaded into drum software. Thus it was also possible to place the drum sounds on individual channels and to adapt them better in the mix. The finished mix was then edited a bit to improve the sound and keep it analog. The final signal then went through a denoiser, an exciter and a compressor/limiter.

positron and the analog production

To add even more analogue warmth to the signal, it was dubbed onto a tape recorder. The main goal for this EP was an all Vermona production, with some compromises. The mixer in particular had some technical flaws that didn’t hinder the production, but caused some drawbacks in the overall sound. The project was successfully implemented and now you can decide whether to create a clean mix with a DAW or another mixing console. That ultimately depends on how one evaluates the musical value of the tracks after some distance. For musicians who only work with modern tools, it should be explained: The entire production process was like working in the 60s, 70s and partly 80s. All sheet music was recorded live and had to be correct. Corrections were not possible. The tone generators had no memory locations. Each sound was adjusted manually. The same applies to the mixer.

Sounds: Vermona Formation 1 Vermona E-Piano Vermona Piano Strings Vermona Synthesizer Vermona ER9 Rhythmmachine

Mixing: Vermona Mixer 1642 Vermona Mixer 1222 Effects: Vermona DEG 500 Vermona Federhall 2 x Vermona Phaser 80

Summary: Behringer Denoiser Aphex Aural Exciter Behringer Composer Telefunken Magnetophon

Editor: Erik Esot van Agenew

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